In​ Memory of Dr. Ami Cohen, z"l

     Save a Child's Heart Endowment Fund

Save a Child's Heart Endowment Fund was formed in 2001 in memory of Dr. Ami Cohen,z"l, its founder. Three of the most popular fund-raising programs are mentioned here:
        1. "CIRCLE OF LIFE" in which an individual, a foundation or fund contributes $15,000 to pay for the operation and care of a sick child.  The contributor receives a plaque with a picture of the child that was saved and the story about the child.

         2.  BAR/BAT MITZVAH PROGRAM..  This program gives the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child the opportunity to participate in the greatest mitzvah of all - saving a life.  These children feel that they are sharing their simcha with a poor child that needs their help to survive. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah child can contribute a portion of their gift money to Save a Child's Heart Endowment Fund or some children choose very original fund raising projects to benefit Save a Child's Heart. These children receive a beautiful certificate which can be presented to them at  their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.
        3.  "CHILDREN SAVING CHILDREN" which we are very proud of. Save a Child's Heart Endowment Fund works with young children in synagogues or schools who raise funds by filling a tzedakah box.  The "Children Saving Children" program has been very successful and a wonderful source for teaching Jewish values to children, such as "Tikkun Olam"- making the world a better place.  This program has also taught these young children that they can make a difference.  The plaques with pictures of the children they have saved are displayed in the entrance hall of their schools and synagogues.

If you or your school or organization are interested in helping to raise funds for Save a Child's Heart Endowment Fund please contact

               Dolores Cohen
               Save a Child's Heart Endowment Fund
               2 Saddlerock Court
               Silver Spring, Md 20902 
               E-mail - obcohan02@aol.cim
               phone   301-593-5763

"To save one life is to save whole world".